Nutritional Value of Figs - Nutritional Components

The science of nutrition reveals the advantages and the properties of dried fruits, which include dried figs, and the medical science verifies their contribution to human health.

Dried figs are rich in vitamins, B1and B6 and in metals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Two basic nutritional goals of humans are being accomplished by means of the consumption of dried figs. Approximately 10% of the energy consumed by the human organism may derive from the consumption of 100 grams of figs, whereas, at the same time, 9% of the demand for proteins, 24% of the demand for calcium, 27% of the demand for potassium and magnesium 16% and a percentage of about 59% for B1 and 71% for B6, all of which are essential to the sound maintenance of the chemical equilibrium of the organism and the cellular function.

Additionally, dried figs also contain a large percentage of fibers, which help reducing cholesterol and triglycerides since, due to the above, they are capable of “cleaning” and detoxicating the organism. Water contained in fibers makes figs an easy to digest piece of nutrition.

One the other hand, because they bind cholesterol originating from other pieces of nutrition, they result in removing cholesterol from the organism, before it is absorbed, thus maintaining low levels of cholesterol.

One hundred grams of dried figs contain 12.5 grams of fibers, while the minimum daily fiber intake deriving from various other sources amounts 25 grams.

An average daily consumption of 100g / approx. 5 figs contains:


50 g


56 mg


4,4 g


61 mg


0,9 g


540 mg


12,5 g

Vitamin Β1

0,645 mg


195 mg

Vitamin Β6

0,996 mg


0,89 mg


267 kcal (1.119 kj)


All the above prove in a clear manner and without any doubts the important nutritional value of dried figs, i.e. a tasty, nutritional and healthy product, which, due to proper picking, natural sun drying and processing without preservatives and additives, and, of course, due to attended packaging, can constitute an integral part of our daily nutrition.